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Here you'll find interesting articles about holidaying in Wilderness. If you're mad about birds, love fishing, interested in history or you just want ideas of what you can do in Wilderness, then you've found the right place.

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Enjoy a micro forest wedding at Treedom Villas and Vardos

Celebrate the start of your life together in a magical forest environment. Treedom offers a full micro wedding package for a maximum of 20 guests.

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South Africa - a jewel on the African continent

With all the reports of unrest in South Africa during July, I am sure you are thinking, "why would I ever want to visit that country?!"

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Mountain Bike Trails on the Garden Route

Mountain biking has changed from a largely unknown recreational activity to a mainstream sport in South Africa. It started taking off after the 1990s, largely due to the endless popularity of off-road riding.

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Treedom welcomes LGBTQ travellers to South Africa

Looking for LGBTQ-friendly lodging on the Garden Route? Then you’re in the right place.

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420-friendly accommodation on the Garden Route

Whatever your choice of stress relief - be it a glass of wine, a whiskey or some home-grown, our 420-friendly accommodation will allow you to relax in your own way and let the soothing feeling of Treedom swirl around you.

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Events on the Garden Route in April

Stay at Treedom in April - enjoy a 35% discount and explore the myriad of activities planning along the Garden Route during the Easter holidays.

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