Published: 03-Aug-2021

South Africa - a jewel on the African continent

With all the reports of unrest in South Africa during July, I am sure you are thinking, "why would I ever want to visit that country?!"

There are loads of reasons to visit South Africa, meet the people of this wonderful country, and enjoy the beauty of the Western Cape, where Treedom Villas and Vardos can be found. The events of the last month have made us supremely proud of this country and our nation.

A wonderful nation comes together showing resilience and solidarity

The unrest was focused in two areas in South Africa – KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng – and was sparked by the imprisonment of ex-President Jacob Zuma.

The unrest was quickly squashed and South Africans of all colours and creeds came out together to support each other, restore rule of law and clean up their communities. Volunteers by the hundreds cleaned up their littered streets and helped restore the shops they depend on. Hundreds of other volunteers guarded their communities against the looters and worked with the soldiers and police. Their actions have provided an inspiring counterpoint to the image of a lawless South Africa.

The community has again dug deep to show resilience and bravery!

News editors of City Press, The Witness, and News24.

The stories abound of incredible acts of kindness and solidarity

  • A baby was rescued from a burning building when a mother was left with no other choice but to throw her baby out the window in the hopes that citizens would be there to catch her. Dozens of people stopped in their tracks and stood beneath the ledge, ready to catch the child. Both Naledi and her baby were unharmed.
  • The Mandela Youth Centre, in KZN, received word that one of the hospitals that they support had run out of bread to feed residents. The centre pulled together volunteers and made over 500 rotis for those in need.
  • Severe food shortages impacted the whole province, and the main roads were blocked so food trucks could not get through. In response, FlySafair, a low-cost South African airline, scheduled flights to the region specifically for the purpose of delivering food. Communities across the country joined in initiatives to donate tons of essential foods.
  • Charity organisation, Chefs with Compassion, organised a nationwide drive to cook soup for 268,000 people on Mandela Day. With the help of cooks across the country, 67,000 litres of soup was cooked and delivered to vulnerable communities across the country.

Treedom is based in the beautiful province of the Western Cape

Treedom Villas and Vardos is nestled in Wilderness, one of the jewels of the Western Cape. The Western Cape is run by the Democratic Alliance (DA), who are the official opposition to the governing African National Congress (ANC). There are many good news stories about the excellent governance by the DA!

  • Governance in the Western Cape is far superior to other provinces. The Auditor General confirmed again in 2021, that the DA run municipalities in the Western Cape remain the best run in the country when it comes to delivery of jobs, better services, and transparent governance. The Western Cape has the lowest unemployment rate and the fastest-growing economy in South Africa.
  • Cape Town was voted number two on the list of Most Innovative Cities in Africa. 29 cities were analysed to determine which cities will emerge resilient from the Covid-19 pandemic and provide long term social solutions to their residents, attracting funding and generating new demand for space.
  • Cape Town has also made the top-20 list of the best cities for remote-working. Cape Town is the only African city on the list, ranking ahead of New York, Vienna, and Edinburgh. The city scored well for its low cost of living, good weather, and the rights afforded to its citizens.
  • Crime is always a concern to tourists. While South Africa has a high level of crime, the risk of crime to visitors travelling to the main tourist destinations is low. Despite its reputation, South African crime has steadily and noticeably decreased since the 90’s. It is now safer than ever for tourists to visit South Africa. In the Cape, 95% of crime is concentrated in poor and degraded areas that tourists never visit.

South Africa is an affordable, beautiful destination

We invite you to discover our jewel of a country! Fly into Cape Town and see for yourself why it ranks among the most beautiful cities in the world. Explore the spectacular wine routes of the Cape Winelands. Treat yourself to world-class wining and dining. Then take a scenic drive up the ocean-hugging highway of the Garden Route for a magical stay at Treedom Villas and Vardos. With the rand exchange rate, you can afford to really treat yourself to luxurious accommodation and scrumptious food.


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