Published: 21-Nov-2019

The Vardo Story

Were you one of those people who loved forts and playhouses when you were young? Well, you will certainly be enchanted by phase 2 of Treedom’s development when we introduce our 5 Gypsy Vardos, our forest lounge, and the river pool. The word Vardo derives from the Iranian word vurdon, for cart or wagon.


Gypsy Vardo living is a trip back in time to a place where highly skilled craftsmen were commissioned by wealthy Romani (Gypsy) or Carnival owners to create magnificent liveable and moveable works of art.

Today, there are only a few original Vardos in existence, mostly in museums and in the hands of private collectors. The reason for this is back in the day when the owner died, it was custom to burn all his belongings, including the Vardo, for the Romani’s believed that a dead person’s possessions should not be sold.


These intricately designed small spaces will appeal to a lot of people looking for something different and magical. In 2020, our unique holiday destination will launch five Vardos to complement our Luxury Treehouse Villa so you can experience this enchanting Gypsy magic for yourself.

Micro-homes are on the rise, and the Tiny House Movement is sweeping across the globe. There are so many TV programmes about this topic and it’s great to know we are bang on-trend.

Staying in our Vardo will be exactly like back in the day, but with all the creature comforts, like “Kings of the Road” living in your “horse-drawn” vibrantly painted palace. Artistry and dedication to the building craft are a big part of the Vardos and each one is completely unique.


Amenities list:

One bedroom with queen bed

En-suite bathroom with shower

Bathroom amenities

Full self-catering kitchen

Flat Screen TV with DSTV, Netflix and Amazon Prime


Braai area (gas braai for safety reasons as the Vardos are in a forest)

Free uncapped Wifi

Large double gypsy hammock 


Our Vardos stories:

Just like those in history, Vardos have their own stories, and just like each family decorated and painted their Vardo, so will we.


The artistry on the Vardos

Chosen local artists will be commissioned to paint the exterior and craft stained glass for the doors for each Vardo. Great care will be taken to ensure a high class and luxurious feeling with a whole lot of magic. We know they will be more enchanting than we imagine.



Our 5 Vardos

The Gypsy

The Gypsy Vardo is where it all began and it's very close to our heart. The essence of family has been sown into the very fibres of Treedom. Generosity is all around us and we want to take the time to be grateful and appreciate life, love and each other. Dedicated to Ellen, Marc’s Mom and her hubby Bernard.

The Owl

The Owl Vardo is dedicated to Lynn, Debbie’s Mom. A matriarch with an abundance of love, wisdom, and generosity, this Vardo celebrates the importance of Moms and the magic they share, they sprinkle rainbow dust everywhere.

The Mermaid

Mermaids are the most beautiful of the water spirits, symbolising health, healing, fertility, and magic. Born from Marc’s passion for the ocean and if you’re looking to be lulled to bed by dulcet tones, or the magical motion of the ocean, this Vardo is your watery staircase to heaven.

The Angel

The Angel Vardo is dedicated to Debbie’s sisters and symbolises the unconditional love, friendship and the powerful force that is found within their sibling bond. Siblings are angels with love that always glows, the greatest gift our hearts will ever know.

The Unicorn

Considered the most wondrous of all mythical creatures. The magical and enchanting unicorn appears to only a rare few and has the ability to bestow magic, miracles, and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and virtuous in their deeds.


Why do we love Vardos?

Just look at the detail, the artwork, the pride that goes into them. We want to build them because of their beauty and because we believe the demand has climbed steadily since the glamping trend took off in the early 2000s. Wilderness has a hippy/artsy/chilled side with many colourful friendly people and when we were researching on what to build, the Gypsy vibe just felt so right for this area.


People are not just looking for a destination, they are looking for a unique experience, a talking point and somewhere they know they will return to many times because of its special feeling of enchantment and magic.  


Forest lounge, pool, and cabanas

Imagine walking through the forest and hearing the sound of a waterfall. You see a sign that says, “Are you hot or are you cool? Either way, come to the pool.” You walk through the narrow entrance and see the heart-shaped waterfall plunging into the river. Swings line the edge of the pool and the lounge area is inviting and comfy. The forest surrounds you and relaxation is in the air with private double bed pool cabanas tucked into the bends of the river inviting you in with their swaying curtains.

The forest lounge is built for comfort and has everything from a fully self-catering kitchen with pizza oven, dining tables and games for all ages.




Pizza oven

Full self-catering kitchen


Dining tables to host groups up to 16

Pool cabanas


Veggie garden

Natural river-style pool

Table tennis


Projector for movie nights  


We cannot wait to share this new development with you. Cross your fingers and toes for all municipal approvals. But there is no need to wait - book now into our Luxury Treehouse Villa so you can experience the magic we have already created for you.

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