Published: 19-Apr-2021

420-friendly accommodation on the Garden Route

Whatever your choice of stress relief - be it a glass of wine, a whiskey or some home-grown, our 420-friendly accommodation will allow you to relax in your own way and let the soothing feeling of Treedom swirl around you.

If your clock is stopped at 420 every second, every hour, every minute, then figuring out what sort of establishments are open to facilitating your lifestyle is an important must. After all, not all businesses are 420-friendly which puts a big premium on identifying the ones that are so that you can toke away in peace and not worry about anyone blowing your buzz.

Whatever your choice of stress relief - be it a glass of wine, a whiskey, or some home-grown, our 420-friendly accommodation will allow you to relax in your own way and let the soothing feeling of Treedom swirl around you.

What is 420-friendly? 

420-friendly generally means that a person, hotel, or business establishment is open to letting you smoke cannabis in peace and without consequences.

We're a Bud and Breakfast

Bud and Breakfast is a resource of international cannabis-friendly accommodation.

The origins of 420

The story on the roots of 420 friendliness in America, like most things involving cannabis, is pretty hazy. However, there are some commonly believed theories that can help us understand what the term 420 means in a historical context.

Read more 420 marijuana-friendly meanings.

Is it legal in South Africa?

Cannabis in South Africa has been decriminalised by the country's Constitutional Court for personal consumption by adults in private – this means we are now able to smoke in our own homes or on private property and grow a plant or 2 for personal consumption. However, despite being a progressive country, we still have a myriad of laws prohibiting buying and selling of cannabis still remain.

Head over to Fields of Green for updated FAQs.

Treedom is a magical place

Looking for 420-friendly lodging where you can light up? Then you’re at the right spot.

At Treedom we’re all about relaxing and we’re relaxed about private cannabis use, within the legal framework of course.  Whether taking a long walk or simply enjoying the surroundings,  we have created unique relaxation areas with hanging swings and firepits where you can chill the time away connecting with each other like we did before cell phones ruled our lives.

We’re a family-friendly luxury eco-estate hidden within our own private forest, soothing to the soul, and full of magic. Wake up in your four-poster bed in our luxury treehouse villa or swing on the forest day bed whilst listening to the birds before taking a winding walk to view the lake. Everything about Treedom is about unwinding and recharging so when you get back to reality you are recharged and ready to conquer the world.

Our accommodation

We’re almost finished building our luxurious handmade bespoke Gypsy Vardos, so you even have more to look forward to when booking with us.

Launching on 10 May 2021, the bohemian style of our Vardos will take you back to another place in time: a place where Gypsies gathered around the fire telling stories, playing music, and enjoying each other’s company. Visit Treedom and experience the magic of true human connections that is our signature. Book today and be one of the first guests to experience our magical Vardos.

Follow the Vardo construction here unique romantic holiday destination opening soon.

Our exclusive luxury Treehouse Villas is family-friendly and sleeps four. An open, double-volume space, it features expansive windows inviting in the unspoilt surroundings, a lounge area designed for relaxation, and a private patio. The fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare meals while listening to the birds, or you can have a braai in the outdoor forest lounge downstairs.

Read more about our Villa here treehouse accommodation on the Garden Route.

Gypsy Magic

If you don’t believe in magic you will never find it. In the Gypsy culture, integrating magic in their lives is no different than eating three meals a day...it is natural to them. For us at Treedom, creating a magical experience is about you feeling uplifted, happy, and looked after. Gypsy legends include meditation which is very much part of the western world and of course astrology. At Treedom, with no light pollution here, the stars are so close you can almost touch them.

We don’t have crystal balls or do tea leaf readings but we encourage you to begin your day with a gentle meditation, a stretch or 2 on your yoga mat, or a wake-and-bake (note that smoking is only allowed outdoors).

At Treedom we have the perfect environment to nourish your body and soul. Visit us today and enjoy 420-friendly accommodation where you can put the stress of the city far behind you.

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