Published: 25-Feb-2021

A unique, romantic holiday destination opening soon!

February heralds a new milestone for Marc, Debbie and Treedom as on-site construction started on the Owl and the Gypsy Vardos, managed by master-builder Fanie Pike.

Construction started on our magical vardos on 16 February 2021. To reduce harm to our natural environment, and to make it extra special, all building materials have been carried in by hand. Building is now well underway and Treedom cannot wait to welcome the first lucky visitors from 10 May 2021!

What is a Vardo?

The word Vardo derives from the Iranian word vurdon, for cart or wagon. Gypsy Vardo living is a trip back in time, to a place where highly skilled craftsmen were commissioned by wealthy Romani (Gypsy) or Carnival owners to create magnificent liveable and moveable works of art.

Today, there are only a few original Vardos in existence, mostly in museums and in the hands of private collectors. The reason for this is back in the day when the owner died, it was custom to burn all his belongings, including the Vardo, for the Romani’s believed that a dead person’s possessions should not be sold.

The magical, unique Vardos of Treedom

Our Vardos are designed to give you the Gypsy magic experience that is signature to Treedom. Expect a spectacular, one-of-a-kind stay. The interiors are luxurious and relaxing, while the exteriors are over-the-top, dramatically WOW! Just like those in history, Vardos have their own stories, and just like each family decorated and painted their Vardo, so will we.

The Gypsy Vardo

The Gypsy Vardo is inspired by the beautiful sun, moon, and stars. This vardo is dedicated to Marc’s mom Ellen and her late husband Bernard. It’s going to be bold and quirky with lots of colour and playfulness.

The Owl Vardo

The Owl Vardo is dedicated to Lynn, Debbie’s Mom, a matriarch with an abundance of wisdom and generosity. This vardo celebrates the importance of Moms and the magic they share; they sprinkle rainbow dust everywhere. The design will take it lead from the owls wing shape and feathered exterior whilst the interior will be inviting with lots of beautiful textures, organic colours, and soft touches.

Building progressing well on what will be the most unique holiday destination in South Africa!

Vardo construction update - Gypsy Vardo

Vardo construction update - Owl Vardo

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