Published: 07-Nov-2019

Treedom and Treehouse Magic

Close your eyes and imagine waking up in your comfy four poster bed to the sounds of birds chirping while the wind gently whistles through the trees. You open the windows and doors and all you see is forest with the ocean peeking through the trees. Well at Treedom Villas and Vardos this is what you will experience and it means embracing Mother Nature and a slower and less complicated way of life.

Experience a holiday in a treehouse

There’s something about a treehouse that gives off a sense of tranquillity, so if this sounds like a holiday you are looking for then you are in the right place. The Treehouse Villa is full of texture, colour, natural materials and a flick of the style wand. We combined stylish modern textures, to bring what we liked best about our environment into the interiors.

Why stay at the Treehouse Villa

  1. Forest living
  2. Close access to a lake
  3. Close to restaurants
  4. Close to beaches
  5. Ocean views
  6. Borders Wilderness National Park

Being inspired by the ‘Treehouse Master, Pete Nelson’ who worked with the environment he was given by his client, we looked for a property with big enough trees but in Wilderness we have indigenous forests as well as Pine and Blue Gum which are not always favourable for Treehouses. So, we did what “Pete Nelson” has done on many occasions, put it on stilts nestled in the trees, Voila, Magic. This was the first idea for our Treehouse Villa to compare how it has turned out.

Before: The treehouse inspiration

After: The Treehouse Villa

Top 5 reasons to fall in love with our Treehouse Villa

  1. 360 degree forest views
  2. One with nature
  3. Treehouse luxury
  4. Built into the environment
  5. Reduces stress and recharge

Staying at Treedom is magical, on arrival you immediately see the most magnificent views from our parking area over our forest. You then descend down the small mulched foot paths into the forest below, winding through the trees until you see it tucked amongst the trees. Ahhh, Treehouse bliss.

After all, don’t you agree that being a part of nature is one of the big benefits to staying in a Treehouse?

Once you enter Treedom, the magic will swirl around you, nourishing your soul.

You will arrive as strangers and leave as friends.


We have phase 2 of Treedom coming in 2020, just waiting for municipality and some red tape but our Gypsy Vardos (wagons) are coming.

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At Treedom we are dedicated to happiness and put love into everything we do. We're not a resort - we're a sanctuary, where you arrive a stranger and leave a friend.


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