Published: 30-Mar-2020

5 reasons to stay at Treedom – a Luxury Treehouse Villa on the Garden Route

Here are 5 reasons why you have to visit Treedom - a Luxury Treehouse Villa on the Garden Route

1. The Garden Route is the perfect destination for a family holiday

The Garden Route is a world-famous, sunny stretch of southern Cape coastline featuring a wonderful mix of wide beaches, dappled forests, peaceful lagoons and buzzing seaside towns. This malaria-free region is a paradise for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The warm Indian Ocean is always close by, and you can still escape the summer crowds with a walk along a deserted beach or forest trail in one of the many nearby nature reserves.

2. Enjoy complete exclusivity and luxury

Staying in the luxury villa at Treedom you will enjoy complete exclusivity. Our luxury villa is nestled in a secluded area of the Garden Route, allowing you to experience a sense of luxurious isolation away from the bustling crowd. You will feel like you have the forest all to yourselves. You can choose to cater for yourselves or - as a trained chef - Debbie will be more than happy to cook for you! Plus, there are several exquisite restaurants in Wilderness.

3. Lots of activities to keep you busy

The secret behind the Garden Route is that it combines the fun of a classic bucket-and-spade holiday with unforgettable African adventures. Take a forest canopy tour or visit a monkey or bird sanctuary. Dolphins are often seen offshore - as are whales in season. If you need a bit of action, explore the lake on our speedboat, take a mountain bike trail or hire a double canoe and explore the Touw River and the Kaaimans River. See activities to explore in Wilderness.

4. A birding and fishing paradise

Our Luxury Treehouse Villa is the ideal base for you to discover the remarkable birds that are found here and nowhere else in the world. Bring your binoculars, camera and zoom lens and experience the amazing endemic birdlife of South Africa.

Treedom is also a dream location for a fishing holiday! There’s surf and rock fishing to be enjoyed on many pristine and beautiful beaches. Plus, we are close to four coastal lakes - Island Lake, Langvlei, Swartvlei, and Rondevlei.

5. A unique holiday experience

If you want to give your family – and yourself – a real treat, then a holiday in a luxury treehouse villa should be up there on your bucket list! And this isn’t just any treehouse, it’s a luxury treehouse where you can indulge yourself and be one with nature. When designing Treedom, we were inspired by the ‘Treehouse Master, Pete Nelson’. We did what “Pete Nelson” has done on many occasions and put our luxury villa on stilts nestled in the trees! Voila – a magical, luxurious holiday destination you must experience – Treedom!

Before: The treehouse inspiration

After: The Treehouse Villa

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