Published: 29-Oct-2019

Kaaimans River Day Experience

Living in Wilderness is a dream come true and we want to share some of the most awesome experiences with you. One of our favourite things to do is spend the day at Kaaimans River. We have included links to videos to make this post really meaningful.

Kaaimans Adventures: please contact them directly on 0836546030 or via the contact form on their website https://www.kaaimansadventures.com/ for reservations or more information.

7 cool things to do at Kaaimans River

  1. Kayak to the waterfall – short trip which suits any fitness level
  2. Kayak to the base of The Map of Africa – longer trip but not strenuous
  3. The highest abseil in the Garden Route – if you'r looking for adventure , a 70m abseil!
  4. Walk on the beach – watch the tides for the best time
  5. Kaaimans River Railway Bridge - for beautiful photos
  6. Swim in the shallow river which hugs the mountain - amazing for kids
  7. Lunch at Kaaimans restaurant – fantastic food and atmosphere

Safety in the ocean

Safety is first priority so please do not attempt to swim in the ocean past the railway bridge as there are lots of cross currents and no lifeguard on duty.

"On our first day here in March I got waved dumped badly on the main beach, lost my costume top, ate sand, double flipped face planted and sprained a toe. Welcome to Wilderness, let’s flash all the tourists watching and give them a show hahahaha!"

Let's go visit Kaaimans River

07h00am, weather is perfect, have a quick breakfast at Treedom and pack your bags for an epic day out:

Bag check list

  • Bathing costume / baggies
  • Change of clothes and a light warm top for in case
  • Beach towel x 2
  • Sarongs x 2
  • Beach shade x 1
  • Water x 2L
  • Frisbee
  • Bats and Balls
  • Lillo’s or pool noodles
  • Cell phone power bank so we can capture our awesomeness at length!

Pack the car and it’s a quick 14min, 9.4km drive to Kaaimans from Treedom. If you need anything on the way there is ‘Waves’ Convenience at the Caltex Garage and a Kwik Spar outlet in Wilderness Central.

"Driving to Kaaimans from Treedom is always so beautiful with Island Lake and Touw river on the right and the ocean on the left, we do live in Paradise…. pinch, pinch!"

Arriving at Kaaimans is so cool, it looks so inviting with the beautiful river disappearing into the gorge and the holiday homes perching on the mountain side, it just screams, explore me!

We suggest you park at the back of the Kaaimans Restaurant so your car is not a sauna when you come back later, nice big trees for shade.

Kayaking at Kaaimans

07h30, head over to the water’s edge and meet with the team at Kaaimans Kayak rental. Get a safety briefing and directions and off you go to the waterfall. Most days the water is like a mirror, so beautiful for photos. Here's some videos so you can get a taste of your kayaking at Kaaimans experience:

After the waterfall, kayak back past the Restaurant, under the bridge and around the corner where high cliffs surround you and shallow water below you. In front you we see these secluded semidetached private holiday homes hanging over the water, quite a cool spot. Paddle past the houses and pull off onto a sandy inlet to take in the beauty and time for some photos.

Experience the Highest Abseil on The Garden Route

It’s now 09h30am and its time to get your hearts beating like crazy for an intense dose of adrenalin by doing the highest abseil on the Garden Route.

For those who haven’t tried abseiling, it basically involves leaping backwards down a cliff-face, using your legs, while safely harnessed to a rope. Qualified instructors are on hand to guide you through the process and ensure your safety at all times.

OH MY HAT, it’s so exciting, you will freak out slightly but you gotta do this!

Beach, swim and chill time

After that riveting abseiling experience you’ll need a swim and some beach chill time.

It’s a short 50m walk to the beach from the 1st parking lot. Please be safe as it is along the railing on the N2, so keep dogs and kids attached to you. The beach is like a sunken paradise with cliffs on each side.

If you are looking for a romantic walk, dog walk or kids playtime, this is the beach for you. The River meets the ocean and it forms a gorgeous slim river that hugs the mountain side. This has created little rock pools, sandy havens to swim in and small cave overhangs to chill under. Blow up your Lillo’s and do some serious floating. Originally from CPT so just the warm water part is a big enough attraction for us LOL.

Visit Kaaimans Railway Bridge

Take a stroll to the Railway Bridge. It’s huge and makes for some epic photos. Remember to not swim in the ocean, very strong currents!

Visit Kaaiman's Grotto, a natural cave

If you look to the left just on the other side of the bridge you will see a cave which has a unique story about a man who turned it into a shelter for the homeless, read about it here in this article.

Lunch time, munch time at Kaaimans Restaurant

Its 13h00 and I’m sure you're starving and need some serious sustenance! Pack up your beach paraphernalia and walk to The Kaaimans Restaurant.

It’s such a stunning atmosphere, with tables on the grass over looking the water. Look for the lone goose who waits for his friends to come back for summer, so cute.

The menu is quite extensive and great quality. Time to shove it in your faces! Nom nom nom!!! Have a peek here: Kaaimans Restaurant

And after having your fill, it's time to head home to Treedom for an afternoon nap on your patio swing….zzzzz. It’s as the Afrikaans saying goes – "magies vol, ogies toe!" Which means "tummy full, eyes closed!"

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